Galan Brown is an Award Winning Professional Photographer specializing events, weddings and nature photography. Galan Brown started many years ago using a film camera (Minolta SLR) and digital cameras last twelve years. Throughout the years Galan has done numerous photographic events for people and organizations.


- GREGORY A. BROWN, Photographic are a badd boy at what you do! The DVD slideshow we received this weekend from our wedding on 7 April, 2012 at the beautiful Baytown Terrace, Destin, FL was beyond our expectations and we both love good photography!!! You are highly recommended for any occasion by us both. From start to end you handle your business in a very timely, responsible and most professional manner. The quality of pics was through the roof! It was the little things you did to fill the gaps during the wedding that also made a difference--Thank You, Jeff.

- Gregory, thank you so much for capturing these photos during our banquet and for getting them to us so quickly. These are great and do a wonderful job telling the story about our event. I look forward to seeing the portraits and picnic photos too.

You guys were clearly dedicated to capturing every detail of both events and we are extremely grateful.

Thank you again.


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